Pergas Endowment Fund

Strengthening the Leadership of Ulama, Our Shared Legacy

What is PERLU

Pergas Endowmen Legasi Ulama (PERLU) is dedicated towards Pergas’ effort in developing a sustainable source of income that ensures financial stability and independence.

Allah SWT says, “You will never attain piety until you spend out of what you hold dear, and whatever you may spend of anything, Allah indeed knows it.” Surah Al ‘Imran [3:92]

All your generous contributions to PERLU will be locked as capital. Subsequently, the capital invested allows for return which will be annually channeled to Pergas in support of its activities and services for the Muslim community.

Ultimately, you play an important part in securing a progressive economic growth for Pergas so as to strengthen the development and welfare of our asatizah and uphold the legacy of our Ulama’.

How PERLU Fund Works

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